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I love meeting artists and learning about their journey! It's amazing how so many of us have tapped into our creative side as our own personal therapy during times of difficulty. One of these beautiful souls is Jamie Johnson of Arkansas. A friend connected me with her because of my dual love of art and agriculture. I am blown away by her beautiful paintings! She uses acrylic, which for anyone that has used this medium knows that you have to work very quickly as it dries fast! The fact that she's able to blend in the colors so well and capture the values is amazing. I was shocked by how realistic her paintings are and just had to share her work! Also, I always love to support a fellow Arkansan in their creative journey! For all of my friends that have been looking for paintings of production you are! I've provided a few samples of her paintings, but she has so many other beautiful pieces. Please check out Jamie's work and reach out to her if you would like to help support her in any way (

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