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Organized Chaos

Abstract painting. I don't get it. Maybe because I don't feel it? I thoroughly enjoyed the process of just letting the paint direct me but the end product just looks like hot garbage. What I did enjoy about this, was being able to use multi-media and tools to allow the paint to move on its own. For instance, I started playing with water colors and then used a blow dryer and course sea salt to move the paint. What I "saw" reminded me of histology I then added purple and pinks to mimic those assays. But once I started outlining some of the shapes I was seeing, I lost sight of the image and things became muddy. So I added more of this and that and guess became muddier. So I stopped. Abstract paintings get a lot of flack for something that I think is unfair. I hear people say, "My 4-year old could have done that," which is true...your child could do this, but could they make something that is chaotic, organized, and beautiful? Likely not. It's actually harder than it seems to create something that embodies all the elements that make an abstract painting appealing to the masses...but I digress. For me, though the process of making something like this was fun and freeing, I did not know when to stop. That made this very frustrating. I also like to have boundaries, which extends beyond painting. Not having boundaries leads to messiness and disorganization, which causes a lot of anxiety with me. So...lesson learned...incorporate some type of boundary or plan when doing abstracts. Maybe next round will be better. Time to get the gesso out!

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