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Working Through the Backlog

I feel like the story of my life is being behind on EVERYTHING! Yes, I am an admitted procrastinator for things that don't capture my interest, but some projects take me a lot longer than others. So, I am working diligently to become a more disciplined person in all aspects of my life. After putting off this painting for a long time, I finally worked up the courage to start. I was unsure about colors and was also a little nervous about doing a full color oil. But with a little focus (and maybe some wine too) I was able to get through the first layer. I am so excited to see how this piece develops. It's one that is very personal to me and perfectly illustrates some of my challenges with relationships. So as I continually work myself out of my rut that I created from my anxiety and depression, I am hoping to build momentum with my art, work, and personal health. I find it hard when I am not held accountable so this is my way of creating self-accountability. Let's see if I can meet that challenge! From the art prospective, I am working to get more pieces accepted into shows and exhibits. It would also be nice to sell some more pieces as my place is starting to look like a museum! So, here is to discipline and focus!

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