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First off, the show went great last night! There were so many great pieces on display and there were a lot of people at the gallery. Art on 1st did an excellent job! Looking at everyone's pieces gave me a thought...I should probably talk about commissions. This is where you send me your ideas for a piece that you would like to create and we'll discuss the options on how it will look. For these pieces, I can create art based on pictures that you own or based on your ideas . I, however, cannot create artwork based on other artist's work. This would definitely qualify as copyright infringement. Plus, they worked hard on their piece and if it is something that you really like then I encourage you to support that artist. When I create pieces, I often use a reference photo or several reference photos. This is different than copyright infringement because I am taking a small part of that image and using it as inspiration for my own piece. Sometimes I'll pull up images on clouds and what I end up painting is a combination of those images. So rather than copying the image directly I use several versions of a type of image in order to make something new. Regardless, I encourage you to reach out and we can discuss what you would like and how to achieve your vision. The beautiful part about commissions is the collaborative aspect. That way, the end product is something personal and special to you and will be something that you are proud to display. If you would like to request a piece please message me directly on the website or you can email me. I am currently working on a commission request form as well as a pricing guideline that I will add to the site soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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