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Trees and Elephants

Is it just me or do you also find dead trees completely fascinating. One of my students in class had asked me what my favorite kind of tree was. I replied that I like willows and dead trees. Something about both are so beautiful, but in different ways. My family recently went to Disney and while at Animal Kingdom we came across the Baobab tree that was with the elephants. So gorgeous! All the bumps and cracks incorporated into it's impressive size make this one of my favorite trees. Maybe that's why I also enjoy the elephants. They have this stoic presence, but you can see by their scars and wrinkles that they have lived a lifetime. Based on the overwhelming positive feedback from "No Beauty Cream Needed" and how much I really enjoy drawing these amazing creatures, I've decided to put together a series based on elephants and possibly trees. Please follow me as I venture through this series and do not hesitate to send any beautiful pictures you may have that I can use for inspiration!

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